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Unnaki Estate - Clean Washed

Rs. 700

Unakki Clean Washed is one of the sweetest washed coffees in the Rossette Coffee Lab portfolio. This standout washed coffee from chikmagalur has pronounced florality for a washed coffee which is reminiscent of many international origin coffees especially from Ethiopia. Scoring 83+ on SCA standards, it offers notes of white florals combined with jasmine tea, sweet notes of dried apricot and orange marmalade .Profile roasted to a medium level (18-20%  DTR) , it’s ideal for both espresso and manual brew lovers. Brew with a higher coffee-to-water ratio for best results.

Tasting Notes: Jasmine Tea, Dried Apricot, Orange Marmalade, White Florals

Processing: Clean Washed

Roast: Medium

Varietal: SLN 13,9,795

Origin: Unnaki Estate, Chikmagalur

Elevation: 1370 MASL

Quantity: 250 g

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