We pride ourselves with working with some of the best roasters in India. Each of them has great experiences and are deeply involved in the taste of each roast of their coffee.

Alchemist Roastery Coffee Company
Alchemist Roastery Coffee Company isn’t made of brick-mortar, employees, stakeholders, or machines. Instead, their core ethos is mutual respect and friendship.

All their coffees are sourced from coffee producers in the south of India. Working closely with producers empowers them with a microscopic look to get the true characteristic out of the beans. It assists in delivering a cup that is honest, inspiring, and delightful.

Alchemist Roastery’s story started in 2019 when Gaurav, Shweta, & Mohit joined forces to endeavour into a land they had zero prior experience. This story is one such of dreams, ambition, learned humility, and striving for excellence.
Bewild is the food produce arm of Beforest Lifestyle Solutions, which facilitates and manages sustainable food forests and housing collectives that are food, water and power secure.

At Bewild, they use sustainable farming as a tool to support and enhance the forest ecosystems.

Guided by the fundamental principles of permaculture, the produce, which they refer to as ‘forest friendly’, is entirely sourced from their collectives or from surrounding farms which follow a similar philosophy of ‘Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share’; while supporting co-existence with abundant wildlife.

Bewild’s first line of produce which includes 6 variants of coffee and are sourced entirely from the Beforest Collective at Poomaale (literally meaning– Garland of Flowers) Estate, located at Kakkabe in Coorg.

Bili Hu Coffees
Bili Hu is born out of a passion for good coffees! Their purpose is to bring to your cup, unique and interesting coffees that were meant only for export until now. Also, they are continuously on the lookout for coffees with a unique story at the crop level or at a post-harvest stage.

The team at Bili Hu strive to sensitize your palate to premium standalone coffees while also offering you balanced blends that are easily available at their clients’ hotels, restaurants, and cafes. The coffees they offer have been created in close collaboration with some of the best Curers, roasters, and coffee estate owners across India.

The word Bili Hu comes from Kannada - a language spoken in the state of Karnataka where coffees were first grown in India. ‘Bili hu’ is a white flower symbolic of the coffee plant flower, that blooms to signify the yield in harvest season.
Blue Tokai
Started in 2013, Blue Tokai is one of the first coffee roasters to take over the Indian market. Their mission since they started has stayed simple: introduce customers to the estates they directly buy great tasting coffee from, roast the beans with care, and make high quality coffee more accessible through their cafes and our website.

Founded by Matt Chithranjan, Blue Tokai has multiple cafes located throughout various locations in Mumbai.
Bloom Coffee Roasters
The perception of coffee being a bitter beverage, made just to wake you up is changing! The team at BCR want to make you experience just how delicious, and flavourful great coffee can be! They work with passionate planters who put their heart into the coffee, and then we roast the beans in small lots with tonnes care and love. For them coffee deserves to be savoured just like a fine glass of wine or a great single malt!
The Caffeine Baar
The Caffeine Baar’s (TCB) philosophy centres around chemistry, that of coffee as well as the world around us. Chemistry is all around us – from the air we breathe, the food we taste, or the invisible vibes and connections between people, for a start.

Cofounded by Poojya Prasad and Shreeraksha, The Caffeine Baar has two cafes in Bangalore and their coffees are sourced directly from the Baarbara Estate in Chikmagalur. TCB is at the forefront of the coffee experimentation wave, especially owing to their Pineapple Fermentation coffee.
Corridor Seven Roasters
Corridor Seven Roasters was founded by Mithilesh Vazalwar. Coffee at Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters endeavours to empower Indian Coffee Farmers with a no middlemen & no negotiation approach - sourcing directly from them. By sourcing the harvest themselves, they can ensure both the quality of coffee as well as transparency for our customers plus a fair trade price and ethical treatment for the producers.

Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters is a brand built by people, fueled by passion and works on quality, a good amount of coffee and insanity.
Estate Monkeys
Estate Monkeys LLP is a family-owned business with roots in Somwarpet, Kodagu (Coorg). They are the fifth generation of coffee farmers and the first to launch a full-fledged coffee business. Estate Monkeys sources all of its coffee beans from the Somwarpet region, with all of its single estate coffee beans originating from two GI labelled estates - Baragalli Estate and Puttana Koppalu Estate - owned by the founders and founder's family.
Handcrafted Cafe and Roastery
Handcrafted started roasting in 2019 with a simple aim to take coffee beans from the finest estates and roast them to a perfect profile! They wanted to put in a deserving last step to this incredible chain that our specialty coffees come through. And so that all the efforts put in before us do not go in vain. They take roasting very seriously as the founder/head roaster Navneet and roastress Rimi take special care in identifying each lot to a specific roast profile and ensure the best flavour composition. Just like their name says, every batch of coffee they roast has intricate handcrafted elements in them that makes them so distinctly one of a kind.
Home Blend Coffee Roasters
Spearheaded by Akshay Jaggi and Saumay Khandelwal, Home Blend Coffee Roasters was conceived when the two young entrepreneurs were sipping quality coffee outside of India, only to realise it’s actually Indian export-grade specialty coffee. Feeling discontent with how casually terms like artisanal or specialty were thrown around without reason, the duo studied the coffee market in India and decided to deliver truly *Specialty Grade* coffee at people’s doorstep!
Humble Express
Humble Express is a new age artisan coffee founded by Pankti Shah and Deepa Sanghani. It is a passion driven venture to bring to you the unique flavors and exotic nuances of humble coffee right at your home. At Humble Express, the team is inspired by YOU, the coffee people, to bring you the best coffee and make every experience count. "Let's Coffee" is their favorite mantra and they have a brew for everyone anytime, anywhere.
Kat and Kin Coffee
Kat & Kin Coffee Roasters is a family owned business that was founded in the midst of the global lockdown, during our search to find good coffee.

Kathryn Ahuja, originally from New York, roasts all of the coffee at her home in Chennai. Kathryn has travelled the world over and lived in 4 continents. Her love for coffee has helped her develop a keen taste for the varietal differences as she has experienced coffee around the world. Settled in Chennai, Kathryn and her husband Anek Ahuja travel together around India, experiencing different estates that grow coffee and source beans that they are most passionate about.
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Koffie Genetics
Koffie Genetics is a curious little coffee roasting company based out of Bangalore, India. They pride themselves for sourcing 100% fully traceable specialty coffee from reliable producers and estates, who are either following environmentally friendly and sustainable farming methods with zero tolerance towards usage of chemical pesticides or are 100% certified organic farms.

Founded by Bhavnish Mittal, the team at Koffie Genetics works closely with these producers who help them get a better understanding of the terrier and unveil the post harvest process of the coffee. This truly helps to learn and unlock the potential of these aromatic coffees.

They absolutely devour the complexities of flavours that the coffees offer and also enjoy the connection and community it creates.

They make sure to “Slow roast” our coffee in small batches to create unique roasting profiles for each of the coffees to achieve a fine balance of sweetness, acidity and body, making sure you get to taste the intricate flavours on your palate.
Korebi Coffee Roasters
Korebi was created to make artisan coffee accessible for everyone. Born out of boundless love for coffee, we aim to bring the best directly from the farm to your cup. Inspired by the third wave coffee movement, we focus on all aspects of the process: sourcing, roasting and brewing coffee. We source the finest quality coffee and create unique blends just for you. With an ever expanding range of brew methods out there, we are constantly searching for the best flavour profiles and extraction technique to understand how our roasts react with coffee-making equipment. Our sourcing philosophy is primarily directed at flavour and quality. Korebi supports environment friendly practices that our country’s coffee planters have persisted with over time. We respect the land, the farmers & every person who has contributed along the way.
Naivo Café
With a sourcing network built over three decades and spanning across multiple continents, the team at Naivo Café identify some of the best coffees in the world and craft them to perfection in India. All the coffees are sourced from producers with whom they hold long-term relationships and share a common perception of quality. This enables them to work closely with their producer-partners and identify very specific and special lots of beans that fall into the narrow spectrum of craft coffee. Their meticulous approach to sourcing is motivated by a deep passion for roasting and brewing coffee. Theirroasting approach is a combination of intuitive art and precise science that helps us develop the most delightful flavor profile for each lot of beans. The foundational philosophy is simple – offer you the coffees that we find irresistible.
Rossette Coffee Lab
They say a lot happens over a cup of coffee, we say a lot happens to perfect that cup of coffee. The team at Rossette coffee lab, wanted to master that process and hence the journey of passion began. A roastery based in the heart of the capital city making coffee more accessible simplified for one and all. They as a brand drive on bringing a variety of high scoring single origin /blended coffees from the partner estates in south India custom roasted to bring out the delicate nuances that each coffee has to offer.
Saltoro was founded in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic with the aim to serve the people great tasting coffee cultivated by Indian farms and roasted to perfection to get the oh-so-amazing taste profiles.

They have very smartly named each roast/ blend on the names of the greatest musicians - Cesti, Vivaldi, being some of them. They also have a beautiful cafe located in Gurgaon, taking coffee to a new level.
Silk Road Coffee Company
Silk Road Coffee Company is founded by a bunch of artists, actor, singer and painter who love their coffee and brew with their heart and to perfection.

Their dream of coffee took shape in 2020. The team went through rigorous session of training in coffee to learn how the coffee reaches all the way from farm to cup, 100s of times, racking their brain and asking one simple question: "Will this bring a smile on your face?" Their foundation is built on friendship and they want to connect people and their hearts over a cup of coffee and turn the whole world into a big family.
Tramways Coffee Roasters
Devansh and Sonali at Tramways have always believed a good cup of coffee can be made a hundred different ways. So they threw out the rulebooks, the jargon and the jazz; took everything they loved about specialty coffee and made it easy for you to enjoy, at your own pace. With Tramways, each cup is a path to a moment, a mood, a memory of your choice—a promise to transport you wherever you’d like to go. They also add: "We aren’t here to preach one way to brew your coffee, instead, we want to make this journey yours, so that you can brew to pause & pause to brew!"
Tulum Coffee
Tulum Coffee - Ideated in Brazil, Learnt in Mexico, Founded in India. The founder, Pallav Haria, was introduced to “real coffee” while he was an exchange student in Sao Paulo, Brazil. On his trip to Mexico, he fell in love with a beautiful, small city called Merida, three hours away from Tulum, Mexico, where he then decided to move to. There he worked at a cafe called Estacion 72 where he learnt about the basics of coffee, roasting and brewing.

In 2019, he came back to India and started moving around the country to visit farms, roasters and getting trained by the coffee professionals in India. It took two years of learning and to develop a clear path for Tulum which was then launched in 2021.

If you don't find your favourite roaster here, or would like to roast for CuCoBox, please drop an email to us on orders@cucobox.com.