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Unnaki Dark Honey

Rs. 700

Unakki Dark Honey features a crisp acidity, honey sweetness, and a delicate finish, perfect for filter or espresso brewing.
Handpicked ripe coffee cherries were fermented in vacuum bags, pulped without water, and shade-dried on raised beds for 10 days. The result was a dark red honey which was roasted at a medium profile with low DTR (17-18%). This yields a fruit-forward coffee with notes of white grapes, cranberry, honey, bergamot, and dark plum.

Tasting Notes: White Grapes, Cranberry, Honey, Bergamot, Dark Plum

Processing: Dark Honey

Roast: Medium 

Varietal: SLN 13,9,795

Origin: Unnaki Estate, Chikmagallur

Elevation: 1370 MASL

Quantity: 250 g

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