Taste the Founder's Cup

Rs. 475

It's no secret that Roshni's (our Founder) regular cup of coffee is usually from one of the packs off the CuCoBox coffee shelf. 

Since all the coffees mentioned on CuCoBox are the ones she has carefully tasted and curated, it's also what she enjoys or starts her day with. Heard of getting high on your own supply? :P

Since a lot of people ask Roshni what she's currently enjoying before ordering, we decided we'll give you a 250g pack of the coffee Roshni is enjoying brewing at a discounted price - obviously the coffee will be a surprise! :)

P.S. This will be a changing coffee and price point as and when Roshni exhausts a packet and starts a new one (which is approximately 15 days or so).

Hints on profile: Classic tasting notes, medium-heavy body, low acidity

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