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Ratnagiri Lot RN7 Naturals

Rs. 670

Few people have been as influential in the tremendous improvement and global popularisation of Indian coffee as Ratnagiri Estate’s Mr Ashok Patre. Through years of research and experimentation, he has developed unique processes and farming techniques that have taken his coffees to the next level. Coffees from Ratnagiri Estate are sought after by roasters across the world. This SL9 is one of the cleanest Macerated lots we have ever tasted. The cherries were macerated with Nitrogen infused in the steel tanks for 60 hours. This fermentation design has resulted in complex fruity flavours in the coffee. The cherries were then slowly dried for 31 days on raised beds in a controlled environment making sure that the cherries dry evenly.

For this coffee, we wanted to highlight it's bright and fruity acidity in the roast profile. We profiled it fairly lightly, using a short development time but a longer maillard. The result is a coffee with sweet notes of Strawberries, subtle floral aromas of Rose, and a lingering chocolaty finish. This incredible coffee works great as a filter as well as espresso.

Processing: Naturals

Fermentation: 60 hour Nitrogen Macerated

Origin: Ratnagiri Estate, Chikmagalur, Karnataka

Varietal: SLN9

Altitude: 1250 - 1450 m

Roast: Light

Tasting Notes: Strawberries, Milk Chocolate and hints of Rose

Quantity: 250 g

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