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Jasmine-Kissed Cranberry - Ratnagiri Yeast Carbonic Naturals

Rs. 710

Jasmine-Kissed Cranberry – is the result of a remarkable 104-hour extended yeast carbonic maceration process of the Selection 9 Varietal masterminded by Mr. Ashok Patre at Ratnagiri Estate. The cherries were hand-picked at an impressive peak ripeness of Brix 25.2 after cultivation at an altitude of 1340 MASL. Fermented in advanced stainless-steel fermenters, a unique strain of yeast was used to foster an environment rich in carbon dioxide. This meticulous process induces a great deal of complexity in the beans setting up the foundation for an exceptional coffee experience. The next crucial step involves slow drying on raised beds that allow the flavors to develop and intensify gradually. The coffee was subjected to further drying over the course of 30 days with constant stirring, ensuring the utmost care and attention to detail at every stage.

After arduous profiling sessions, the team at Naivo Café pinpointed the ideal filter profile that embraces the immense complexity present in this coffee. They’ve brought forth an explosion of fruity expressions including cranberries, raspberries and rose apples that are preceded by a rich jasmine aroma. An enlivening malic acidity is married to a juicy, full-bodied texture that leaves a lasting impression. The floral finish lingers long, inviting you to savor every sip until you reach the bottom of your cup.

Jasmine-Kissed Cranberry is a grand celebration of Indian microlot coffee, and you are invited to sinfully indulge!

Processing: Yeast Carbonic Naturals

Origin: Ratnagiri Estate, Chikmagalur, Karnataka

Altitude: 1340 MASL

Variety: Selection 9

Tasting Notes: Rich jasmine aroma and sparkling malic acidity with complex fruit notes of raspberries, cranberries and rose apples. Juicy and full-bodied with a lingering, floral finish.

Quantity: 250 g

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