Home Blend Coffee Roasters

Cask Reserve

Rs. 750

Home Blend Coffee latest Barrel-Aged Coffee is an experimental lot of specialty coffee beans from the highest peaks of Chikmagalur aged to perfection in the finest Single Malt Whiskey Barrels. The resultant coffee is a cup that has a heady aroma complementing the sweet nuances of fine malt and sour apple. Barrel-aged coffee is the process of rolling coffee beans in an aged barrel once used for aging wine or whiskey. This rolling process allows the beans to soak in the flavor and aromas of the barrel. The coffee beans are then roasted. This process gives the coffee flavor notes picked up from the barrels

Tasting Notes: Heady aroma with sweet nuances of fine malt and sour apple.

Processing: Cask Aged

Origin: Chikmagalur

Altitude: 3000 ft

Roast: Medium

Recommended Brewing: Pour Over, Aeropress

Quantity: 250 g

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