Kat and Kin

Rice Mill Espresso Blend

Rs. 500

The Rice Mill is a quaint cafe in Morjim, Goa, that gave Kat and Kin their first opportunity to blend beans for a good strong espresso. Our Blend is an 80 % Arabica and 20 % Robusta of the finest beans from M.S. Estates, giving a rich creamy crema and an espresso strong enough to blend into hosts of shakes and cappuccinos.  

Tasting Notes: Smoky and Nutty

Processing: Washed

Roast: Medium Dark

Blend: 80% Arabica, 20% Robusta

Origin: Balanoor Plantations, Chikmagalur, Karnataka

Recommended Brewing: Espresso, French Press, South Indian Filter

Quantity: 250 g

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