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Kudiraipanjan Black Honey

Rs. 700

Coffee from the Shevroy hills holds a special place in our heart. Presenting our first coffee of the year from Yercaud, from Kudiraipanjan Estate. This year around we wanted a delicate and floral coffee so we decided to go with the Black Honey Process which is considered one of the most laborious post-harvest process, that involves drying the coffee cherries with a portion of the mucilage intact for an extended period of time , thus infusing the beans with extraordinary sweetness and complexity.

 For this lot the coffee cherries were de-pulped in the special pulper in order to ensure the maximum mucilage content to be present in the beans. After the pulping process the beans were moved to a special fermentation tank where the beans were fermented in an anaerobic condition for 36 hours. The fermentation tanks temperature was maintained below 21 degree Celsius as low temperature fermentation helps yield a better cup. Post this the coffee beans were shade dried slowly on the raised beds, for a period of 26 days until they reached the 12 percent moisture content.

 This coffee has been roasted to a light medium level with a slightly higher development to ensure raisin like sweetness and a black tea and floral like nuanced cup. This is a sure delight for our Aeropress, French Press and Pour over fans and is best enjoyed black.  

Tasting Notes: Raisin, Blueberry, Honey, White Flowers

Acidity: 3/5

Bitterness: 1/5

Processing: Black Honey

Roast: Light - Medium

Varietal: SL9 & Catimore

Origin: Kudiraipanjan Estate, Shevaroy Hills, Tamil Nadu

Elevation: 1550 MASL

Recommended Brewing: Pour Over, Aeropress, French Press

Quantity: 250 g

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