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Excelsa Naturals

Rs. 600

This lot from Mooleh Manay Estate is a Naturally processed Excelsa varietal which was profiled to a light roast with variable air & drum speeds, dropped into the cooling tray at 198°C with a 17 % DTR. This coffee offers a smooth mouthfeel with low acidity levels and ends with a lingering sweetness.

Suggested brewing methods are pourover , clever dripper & aeropress. This coffee perform best when brewed at a lower temperature of 88 C

Tasting Notes: Mild Floral, Bergamont, Grapefruit, Rind

Acidity: 2/5

Bitterness: 2/5

Processing: Naturals

Roast: Light

Varietal: Excelsa

Origin: Coorg, Karnataka

Elevation: 1000 MASL

Recommended Brewing: Pour Over, Aeropress, Clever Dripper

Quantity: 250 g

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